So the Castlevania movie development has been postponed due to the Writers Guild of America strike.
How goddamn depressing.

In other news, A remix of Bloody Tears will be featured in the Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2 game. 

Sweet. The only reason why I will play DDR.

<3 for some Castlevania goodness.
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I've lately been playing Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, and I have a few well placed opinions about it. Though most of the backgrounds follow Lament of Innocence's example, instead of the familiar wall, floor, ceiling trick, Curse of Darkness has a varying 3D "wall' effect, and details are more noticable than before. While the new "Innocent Devil" system is interesting on it's own, the "whip and item" system from Lament of Innocence still tops it, as does the sob-sad story of the beginning of the Belmont clan. 
So far, Curse of Darkness story is a little dry, with some good old fashioned revenge plot to back it up. But of course, its just another point of view from the evil side. Dracula getting revenge on God for taking his love away, "Hero" getting revenge on Issac for taking his wife's life, what is the diference now, anyway? Thought Hector lacks in the hero department, the game does reward  with one Trevor Belmont appearance. 


Castlevania: Curse of Darkness review on IGN

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence review on IGN

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Week (weak) update.

Bad news:
Monday: Lost sketchbook.
Phone dying. AGAIN.
Tuesday: attacked by a bug as big as my hand
Car died.

Good news:
Thursday:Boondock saints t-shirt arrived. (finally)
Friday: Found a VW Jetta for 2,000.

Bad news:
Friday: Owner of said Jetta lives in DC. Can't decide whether or not to buy said car.
Parentals go off after looking at only two vehicles. Bratface brother punches me in the face, doesn't get in trouble for it. Need to move out, but have no car, health insurance, or anything.

That's my week in a nutshell. I want to punch someone.

DAMMIT I FORGOT MY (other) SKETCH BOOK! >( ::fume::
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work stuff.

I'm completely bored out of my mind at work right now. Just finished painting my nails a candy pink hue, and now am downloading some "Morning Musume" J-pop. Nothing like some sugary sweet j-pop to cause some cavities.

I'm ashamed. -_-

Summer makes me such a goody goody...sweet and sugary sickness. xD
While others are quite aware of the swimsuit season and rushing to lose the fast food flub, I too am almost painfully aware....and yet summer brings ice cream. I cannot give up the sweets and goodies. (as long as its baked and homemade goodies.)
But all is not lost! I seem to have developed a love of RAMEN...which seems to be cheap AND sustaining! Anyways, So today when I get off work and go swimming, I shall be listing to happy j-pop that makes me dance. O.o oh well.

I've been working on fashion design sketches lately. Maybe I'll post some here later.
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Anyways, they're coming out with a game called "Rock Band" for the ps3 and xbox360 from Harmonix. Holy shit. This game will have NOTHING on guitar hero. It has guitar, vocals, and drums together! Its like guitar hero, singstar, and drum hero or something put together. It's gonna be so fucking awesome....I might have to buy an xbox or ps3 just for that game...most likely xbox though. I don't like the ps3 very much.
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My back is killing me again. I sure hope mom gets the health insurance straightened out. It just gets worse and worse all the time. Well, I suppose thats all for lj posting for now, maybe there will be more later.

Ja ne!
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My broken heart is bleeding
I don't know what to do,
Perhaps I shall be dreaming
in depths of prussian blue.

*This was the original poem I wrote some time ago, about escaping from my misery by dreaming.*

At first it had been fields of blue
that hope had set aflame,
Since when had it turned darker still
and seared me once again?

*I wrote this one recently to answer it...I stopped having the dreams.* (Heather will know what it all means.)
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I have red hair! <3

So I'm at work, ripping cds and waiting for Stew to come back with a kit kat blizzard. (yum.)
<3 <3 <3 <3 for Stew. xD

I'm not sure what I want to do when Stew and I have the weekend off. Perhaps spend two nights in Richmond? I want a big group to come along too, though. I think I may save my moneys then to buy a hotel room or two. ^.^

Dunno though. I'll have to speak to Stew I guess. But I'll do that after this weekend. =^.^= Things are going to get busy.

<3 Ashuri. 

Red hair on the left! YAY
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